Heat testing in the R&D laboratory
Heat testing in the R&D laboratory


Production Processes

HP Industries’ key to leading innovation through production processes is to ensure changes within the production line are driven by your business needs and not by the attraction of change for its own profit. It is this mentality that has driven us to lead the industry in quality and reliability, and secured our place as the most trusted packaging manufacturing company in Australia and New Zealand.

Across HP’s Plastics, PET and Steel production lines, our production managers are pushed to consider all the different areas of the process where innovations or improvements can be implemented.

These include innovations across:

- Materials technology; testing how new materials can improve your products or their packaging and presentation.
- Component sourcing; new components, new suppliers or an improved deal with your existing suppliers could improve your products and your profits.
- Factory process control; you could automate process control, including quality control, to give better efficiency and products.
- Equipment maintenance; automatic scheduling of maintenance will ensure that equipment is kept running smoothly and that you build downtime into the least busy part of the production cycle. This will also enable you to comply with health and safety regulations.

To find out more about our innovative production processes, or to learn more about how HP Industries can supply, design or manufacture the very best packaging for your product, please contact us.