Moulding production line
Moulding production line



Having manufactured packaging products for over 27 years, HP Industries has come to lead the industry in prototyping, securing, and maintaining the latest equipment and processes. We ensure worldwide innovations across the industry are adopted rapidly in our processes and constructively share the advancements we make in technology, research and development and production with the industry to ensure best practices.

Our factories were some of the first to be fully automated and are consistently updated with the most efficient robotics and moulding machines as they enter the market. It is our scale, being one of the largest plastics packaging and steel drum manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand, that allows us to adopt new technologies and implement changes to better our processes without disrupting the production line. It is this flexibility in manufacturing operations and the consideration of new ways of working that have allowed HP Industries to respond quickly and cost-effectively to customer demands.

HP Industries takes great pride in ensuring continual improvement in the quality of your products packaging and the health of your business and will continue to look for new innovations to ensure:

- the introduction of innovative processes and equipment, often IT driven
- greater responsiveness to customer demands
- greater potential for a wider product range
- faster turnaround times
- reduced waste levels and downtime
- green technologies which reduce waste and use consumables more efficiently
- improved product design and quality
- streamlined relationships with suppliers and customers

To find out more about our innovative manufacturing techniques, or to learn more about how HP Industries can supply, design or manufacture the very best packaging for your product, please contact us.